ScrollTag Tagger Features

What is ScrollTag?

ScrollTag is a Bible program which enables users to organize all of their notes, markings and tags on Biblical texts. Notes are tagged directly onto Hebrew, Greek, or English words, phrases or entire verses to allow easy retrieval and revision. ScrollTag allows multiple users to do their own work which is automatically saved and safely stored to the database. Notes are assigned tags to allow categorization and searching of information (for example: all notes on the “Deity of Christ” or various grammatical constructions). The notes can be displayed in line with the text, in their own window, or as you pass your cursor over a tagged word or phrase.

What makes ScrollTag unique?

ScrollTag provides the tools to mark up and diagram the text including options to color, highlight, underline, insert lines, arcs, icons and other graphics directly onto the text. There are a variety of ways to instantly reformat and display all of the various texts, notes, markings and tags including parallel display, new line per verse, vertical and horizontal spacing, indentation, verse markers and more. Users can also restructure and diagram the text itself by dragging words to new locations on the text. ScrollTag also allows various searches and filters which can be used to find, highlight and mark the text.

What can I Do with ScrollTag?

Key Features

What is included in ScrollTag?