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There are a number of good, freely available Unicode fonts for Hebrew and Greek available. In my opinion, the best freely available fonts are the ones produced by SIL International and the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL). Links to their Unicode Hebrew and Greek fonts are below (as well as the Cardo Font with Hebrew, Greek, and other ancient language support). For pastors, students, and scholars who do not know what Unicode fonts are and why you should use them, I highly recommend reading Dr. Rodney Decker's article: What a Biblical Scholar/Student Should Know about Unicode (see also his Unicode page: Dr. Rodney Decker's Unicode page). In short, Unicode is the primary standard worldwide for encoding languages (including Greek and Hebrew), and to ensure that others can read and use your documents now and in the future (including yourself!) you should encode all Hebrew/Greek in Unicode. Unicode continues to grow as a standard, and is now widely supported by all major Operating Systems, Word Processors, Web Browsers, and other software. At this point in time, there is no longer any reason not to move away from unsupported legacy fonts (which don't have all the nice features of modern Unicode fonts anyway). See the licenses page for more information on their respective licenses.

SBL Greek and Hebrew Unicode Fonts

Ezra SIL Font Download

Galatia SIL Font Download

Cardo Font

Westcott and Hort

In the process of creating ScrollTag, I worked on processing many text manuscripts of Hebrew and Greek. In that process I edited and am releasing a text of Westcott and Hort's New Testament with parsing and accents for free.