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Trainer is a unique, interactive parsing program that helps to train the beginning student how to correctly identify and parse Greek and Hebrew word forms. Based upon modern linguistic theory, Trainer focuses on teaching the student the important keys (technically called morphemes) to correctly identify words.

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Explanation of How to Use Trainer
List of Trainer Codes

Key Features

  • Trainer includes interactive modes where users can click on various keys to see what they mean
  • Trainer will highlight which keys were missed when an incorrect parsing is given
  • Trainer includes charts that are coded to the keys so they can be highlighted on the charts
  • Trainer can animate various difficult verbs to show what theoretical forms would look like
  • Trainer includes an editing mode where teachers can tag additional verbs with morphemes for their students
  • Trainer is available for PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and (hopefully soon) iOS


Trainer includes digital Greek and Hebrew Workbooks
with charts, explanations of word forms, and exercises.